Uzi weld jig

Remember Me? Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread: uzi alignment jig. Barrel Alignment Jig I bought one a few months back off of gunbroker. It would be simple to make one, it starts out at a diameter that fits you're Trunion Semi or SMG than reduces down to slip withing the barrel restrictor ring - than runs through the point where the magazine feed lips would enclose around and then to the end of the receiver.

At some point you would be expected to "dry fit' the bolt in place to insure that the bolt face is perfectly in alignment at all points in the receiver channel to insure direct feed and alignment into the bore of the barrel with the face of the bolt. You could almost do it with a laser if you are into precision alignment, I'm still working on my Uzi so I can't get rid of it but in a worse case situation just send me an address and I'll draw up the bars specification and the end plate it came with it and you can have a machine shop fabricate you one - it won't be expensive as it's very simple.

The measurements are what's key. Best Regards, Johnny JohnGlendenning hotmail. Depending on what type of barrel, Trunnion and feedramp you have. Most use semi parts, but some guys opt into using a mix of full auto parts because of the relative inexpensive and readily available full auto parts out there.

The barrel trunion, feed ramp and rear trunion are what need to be in allignment. Install the feedramp with a light tig weld and then line up the barrel trunion and rear trunions using a barrel.

I've used a Just turn the barrel restictor ring off and the feed ramp down. Level your Group receiver on a flat surface and then make sure the barrel trunion is level with the feedramp and then take the barrel and line it up with the feedramp and hole in the rear trunion.

From my experience the UZI is relatively forgiving and the front sights can adjust up to 3 degrees of differential. If the barrel option doesn't work for you then just find a piece of round bar stock thats flat and turn it down to the right size and use it.

If i were to give you just a small piece of free advice? If you start with junk you'll only end up with junk. Good luck! All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.Stay Connected:. Phone Orders Browse by Category.

uzi weld jig

More Details Buy. Please wait. Sign Up For Newsletter. RTG Parts was established to provide increased customer access to top quality military surplus parts, magazines and accessories. We are proud to offer an extensive inventory of rare and unusual items as well as select new production U. RTG Parts is committed to keeping prices low while maintaining a high level of customer service.

We believe we offer the best combination of value and quality found anywhere in the firearms community. Contact Us Quick View. AK47 7. AK74 5. AK 5. Barrel Components. Bolt and Recoil Assembly. Buttstock and Hardware. Grips and Hardware. Handguards and Hardware. Fire Control Group.Product Review: Big help for a home welder.

I mothballed my Uzi build because the welding was intimidating. This jig and directions helped me get it done. It's alive. Highly recommended. Product Review: I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money or not, but I figured I should probably do this right the first time since I'm a beginner at welding Uzis.

I truly think it may be a sought after item down the road later on as well. It was well worth the money and the two barrels was an awesome idea!

Awesome job you guys did More details. Product Review: Guys I would like to give kudos for this Uzi tool! I bought one of the first ones and have my gun done. Took it out this past weekend and it runs great! Instructions were a great help, but the pictures could be a bit clearer as they are kind of dark. This tool, the repair section and my barrel I bought make building an Uzi a one day project!

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Our Products : UZI. Brand: RTG Parts. Save and choose another. Add to Wishlist. Product Details. I know what you are saying. This holds everything in place while you weld your receiver. For home welders, the hardest part of building an Uzi is correctly aligning the parts.

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Second hardest part is holding everything together while welding. That is the combo of parts most chosen by our Uzi customer base. Will work with other aftermarket Uzi receivers as long as they are made to original spec.

Each weld jig comes with two barrel mandrels: standard SMG and semi-auto. So whether you are making an NFA post sample, or a semi auto, this jig has you covered! It comes with directions too! Like all tools, manuals or other research aids, this item is not returnable. Sorry we can't keep the doors open if we operate like a library.

uzi weld jig

These tools are not cheap but you will see the value and get what you pay for. Product Reviews.Remember Me? Results 1 to 8 of 8.

Thread: Welding up an Uzi receiver -- in need of guidance. Welding up an Uzi receiver -- in need of guidance I bought a lovely McKay receiver shell and a parts kit a little while back. I've finally acquired all of the necessary parts and I'm ready to weld the thing together, but I've got a few questions now.

I'm hoping someone 'round here has been here before and can enlighten me. I look at the parts sitting in my receiver, here, and it doesn't seem like there should be any issues.

The feed ramp doesn't have any noteworthy degree of play in the receiver maybe a total of. It seems simple enough to weld in. Is it really typically such an issue as I was told? The front sight base is what's troubling me the most. I thought the front sight base simply sat on top of the trunnion, but given the tilt visible with the top cover on, it looks like it's meant to be placed some distance above it. Is it a matter of letting the back end of the base sit on the top cover, pinching the sight ears together to hold it in with friction, and kind of eyeballing it 'level'?

This is all I can think of, but I was hoping that there's a better way. I have the back receiver scrap section with the rear base still in place, and I think after taking some measurements I can come up with a decent enough setup using the bolt and some shim stock to hold the rear sight base at the proper height, but is there something more of an established method for this? I've found a few build chronicling threads that were helpful. The grip lug, bayonet lug, hand guard stud, trunnion and back plate all seem straight-forward enough.

Apart from needing solid welds to keep the trunnion from being launched out, is there anything I should be aware of? Thanks in advance for any input! Last edited by TehVice; at AM. Go here for a wealth of knowledge on building.

I hadn't found this. After a lot of searching, I came up with an alignment bar for the barrel. Alignment Jig Dia 0. Anyone selling this bar?

Sure would be nice to have a lathe!

WTS: Israeli UZI Parts Kits, Weld Jigs, Build Parts, 80% Receiver (pics)

I was planning on using a fa barrel with a fa ramp so would not have the ring for use as a line up tool. Tack the fa ramp in then slide the barrel in, the barrel should slide in and rest on top of the ramp.

The barrel is the jig. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.This convinced me that this was indeed an interesting and worth-while project. The one article that I did not find was one which fully compared the different receiver options that one might use to accomplish this build. In this article, I am setting out to do that. Before we get into the receiver details, I want to provide a brief overview of the project.

It is an open-bolt, fixed firing pin blowback- action firearm. In addition to the 9mm model, there are.

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There are many surplus and newly-manufactured parts for sale, and its status as one of the most iconic firearms ever made make it an interesting project. The remanufactured semi-automatic model is still blowback action, but uses a closed bolt, separate firing pin, and includes a number of ATF-required modifications necessary to prevent the easy conversion back to a select-fire firearm. In the interest of fully-disclosing all of the necessary legalities, it is important at this point to understand the following:.

These require the use of a certain number of USA-made parts this will probably not be a big challenge for you, as many of the parts that you will likely want to replace will assist you in meeting this requirement. Please do your due diligence and if you have unanswered questions contact the ATF directly.

The typical parts kit ships with a number of parts, including a demilitarized receiver. The receiver is typically cut into three to four pieces by either a saw or a cutting torch. It is very unlikely that it can be reconstructed due to the state that it is in, which is the intent of the demilling process. There are usually a number of parts attached to the receiver which can be reused, if desired.

The links to the manufacturers are located at the end of the article. This is the simplest, albeit most expensive, manner to construct an UZI. Fully-welded receivers are available from a few different manufacturers.

Being a fully-constructed receiver, it must be transferred to you through a dealer FFL License. This is certainly an effective way to complete the firearm, although the expense of this likely puts you closer to the cost of a newly-manufactured 9mm UZI than you would want to be on a firearm that you are manufacturing yourself from parts. They are, however, complete UZI semi-auto uppers, which only need the bolt assembly, the barrel, and the grip stick with trigger and sear assemblies to fully complete.

They are essentially a formed receiver minus the front trunnion which retains the barrel and stops the forward motion of the boltthe rear plate, the feed ramp, and the blocking bar which must be welded in to prevent a select-fire bolt from being installed.

The welding involved is fairly minimal, and this method should allow you to complete a solid and attractive rifle. I have not had the opportunity to look at these pieces, so I cannot verify how close they actually are to the original design, however the manufacturer says that they are made to exact specifications. You will need to purchase a feed ramp. I tried this method, and found that welding the front piece was quite easy, but welding the rear piece in proper alignment proved challenging.

This is essentially the same method as 3, except that you assemble and weld the receiver repair section. I initially tried the first variation, from The Flat Spot.Remember Me?

Results 1 to 3 of 3. I am excited to be with you all.

uzi weld jig

I have built many AKs in the past but this will be my first UZI and I am tryinh to find the best way to tackle this project. The hardest thing about this build seems to be getting the barrel, reciever, feed ramp in alignment and property spaced.

Seems like the best way to accomplish this is with the use of an alignment bar or weld jig. The only place currently that has them in stock is RTG and im having trouble wanting to spend the bones on something i feel like i could possibly build along with im just getting into UZIs so who know how many time I qould use it.

My question is does anybody have any experience with building a jig and how did it go or is the jig not necessary? I feel like it should be easy to build with some bar stock, pipe or thread all, etc. Thank you in advance for any information.

Buy it foruse it once, and sell it to the next in line for Saves you a day to make your own, and then it saves you even more because you might do something wrong in the first place. Originally Posted by heimue. Tags for this Thread jig uzi build weld. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.Specifies the type of ordering followed to pick the instances of the dataset to evaluate the model or ensemble.

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GunnitRust: Easy UZI Build - Part 2 - Mckay Enterprises Fully Welded Receiver

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Uzi Semi Auto Receiver - Fully Welded

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